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Hi! My name is Mrs. Rolls! I am so excited to be your Science teacher this year! You are joining me in my sixth year of teaching and I am so excited! As a lifelong learner, I have graduated from Radford University with a degree in Elementary Education in 2017, and from the University of Kansas with my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 2019! This is my first year teaching Middle School, and I am thrilled that it is with you at Northeast! I am very excited to see what this year is going to hold for all of us! I know we will have a great time learning and exploring together! When I’m not at work I love to run, swim, read, and hike with my husband and our dog, Tucker!
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First 1/2 Day: August 9th

No School: August 10th or 11th

First Whole Day: August 12th 

Note on Water Bottles for 2021-2022: 

Students will need to continue to bring in a full water bottle to school each day. We will still not have access to our traditional water fountains, but we do have two water bottle fill stations in the building the students will be able to use when appropriate. 

Please note that we can only allow CLEAR WATER, anything else will be dumped out and replaced with the water from the Water Bottle Fill  Stations mentioned above.

This policy is for the health of our students, as well as a preventative measure to prevent sticky spills and stained floors. Thank you. 

2021-2022 School Supplies:

Updated July 28th, 2021- Final List

2 Spiral Notebooks 

3 Composition Notebooks  

5 Folders w/ Pockets & Prongs (color and design don't matter, but they should have pockets and prongs to hold papers)

Pencil Pouch (fabric please! The hard plastic Boxes become toy boxes and tend to fall off/out of desks and arms, explode and break everywhere.)

Pencils  (Many, Many Pencils- could be pre-sharpened, or un-sharpened. Please no Mechanical Pencils as they break, get lost, and/or stolen) 

Highlighters (color and size don’t matter) 

Coloring Pencils (Best for their workbooks- could do crayons, but no markers please) 

6 Glue Sticks (we use these a LOT for our notebooks) 

Dry-erase Markers (Color and size don’t matter- Red does stain)

Loose Leaf Paper (2 packs should do it)

Personal Pencil Sharpener (the small handheld ones should work just fine- just please make sure they have a catch for the shavings)

Headphones (earbuds or over the ear- but please NO bright lights or crazy designs as they cause a distraction in class)

Tissues (We run out every year, please consider donating more than one box)

Disinfectant Wipes (We use these to keep frequently touched surfaces in the classroom sanitized) 


In our classroom, I strongly believe that we are a team. You may know everyone since Kindergarten, or you may be brand new to town, but no matter what, I hold each of my students the highest level of expectation when it comes to respecting each other. 

In our classroom, we will have many laughs, make many mistakes, and learn lots of lessons! 

You will be tasked with more responsibility, and have more expected of you. You are Top Star at the school now, and the little Stars will be looking up to you! Your job is to come to class ready to learn, grow, and be the best example you can be!