School Hours:
2623 Tiny Town Road, Clarksville, TN 37042
931-553-2075 | 931-503-3403 (fax)
Regular Day: 8:10 AM to 3:15 PM
Half Day: 8:10 AM to 11:40 AM
Early Release: 1:20 PM

How do I drop off and pick up my child?
Drop off no earlier than 7:50 at the front gym doors. (On the far left end as you look at the school). Pick up in the same location beginning at 2:55. After 3:15, your child will be in the front office waiting for you.For the safety of our students we will not dismiss after 2:40.

What is the procedure for late drop off or early pickup from school?
Late drop-offs and early pickups are discouraged in order to avoid missing valuable instruction. You must come into the office so you can sign in/out your child. Early pickup requires the child's emergency card and your identification to be checked and matched. Your child will be called to the office to join you. We do not dismiss students from their normal mode of transportation after 2:40 for your child’s safety.

What about emergency dismissals or if I need to change my child's transportation plans?
County-wide emergency dismissals will be made by TV, radio and Connect-Ed phone message. Emergency transportation changes at the school will be made by the principal by Connect-Ed phone message to your contact phone number. Be sure to keep your contact information and emergency transportation plan up to date. Temporary change - Send a note with the student Permanent change - fill out a change of transportation form located in the front office.

Where can I find the school districts lunch menu?

The Breakfast and Lunch menus are available by clicking here.

What are the school colors?
The school colors are blue and yellow.

What items are considered proof of residence for CMCSS registration?
Mortgage verification (with name and address); deed to a home; escrow papers; property or personal property taxes; current rental agreement naming tenants; electric bill or water bill

How do I find information about bus routes for my child(ren)?

Bus route information is available by clicking here.

Can I check my child's grades online?
Yes! Go to the PowerSchool link by clicking here. Secure login information will be given to you when you visit the school office upon request. A photo ID and signature are required to receive the login information. Grades are uploaded weekly.

Can I pay for lunch online?
Yes! You may log in by clicking here. to make online payments. Just register the lunch number(s) and manage payments and charges online. Payments by cash or check are still accepted to the school.

How can I volunteer at Hazelwood?
We would love to have you help out in our school. The Family School connection link located on the HES main page connects you to the volunteer portal which lists current volunteer opportunities. Also, contact your child's teacher to let them know you are willing to help out in the classroom. Let the office know if you would like to help out in other areas. A volunteer agreement form is needed on file for all our volunteers and is available in the front office.These packets must be completed a week before the event.

When can I visit and what is the procedure for visits?
We take our students' safety very seriously and all doors are secured. So, whenever you visit, you must go through the office first and sign in to receive a sticker for the designated area. You are welcome to visit your child's learning community. You may come eat lunch, meet at the bookfair, attend awards ceremonies, or join/help out on an organized event day. Without prior principal approval, parents will not be permitted to disrupt the class during instructional time. We will gladly call the student to the office or take any items to the classroom for you.

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